Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association

Enhancing Neurological Recovery Through Vision Rehabilitation

Categories of Membership

CATEGORY 1 (Institutions, teaching facilities, hospitals, industry/corporations)

Annual Dues: $500.00

This category applies to organizations, agencies, institutions, foundations, colleges, universities, or other legal bodies.  The institutional membership will not enable members within the allied institution to hold individual NORA membership or to have voting rights in NORA unless the individual applies for the appropriate membership outlined below.

CATEGORY II – Professional Members (MD, OD, DC, DO, PsyD, EdD, ND, PHD, Doctorates)

Annual Dues: $180.00

This category applies to all optometrists, physicians, Ph.D. or other doctoral level professionals licensed, and in good standing, in their respective states, provinces or countries. These members are featured on NORA’s website’s Find a Provider tool (with link) so patients in their area can find them more easily. 

CATEGORY III - Allied Professional Members (OTR. PT, SLP, MS. VT, therapist, case managers, social workers)

Annual Dues:  $140.00

This category applies to those professionals such as rehabilitation therapists, educators, nurses, social workers, etc. These members are featured on our Find a Provider tool (with link) so patients in their area can find them more easily. 

CATEGORY IV (TBI Survivors, Friends of NORA, retired and non-active)

Annual Dues : $50.00

This category applies to families and /or survivors who are physically disabled, mentally incapacitated, or otherwise and those who have suffered a neurological insult as a result of traumatic brain injury, cerebrovascular accident, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, etc. as well as those persons who wish to support the activities and efforts of NORA but who do not qualify for any of the above membership categories.

Student/Resident (Optometry, OT, SLP and all others)
Annual Dues: FREE

This category applies to students currently enrolled in a certified college of optometry, allied health profession, education, and rehabilitation program or in an optometric residency or a fellowship program.

Benefits of Membership