Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association

Enhancing Neurological Recovery Through Vision Rehabilitation

Advancement of Sciences Award

The Advancement of Sciences Award is presented to the individual, group, agency or organization that has provided a unique and valued contribution to the science of neuro-optometric rehabilitation. It may include but not be limited to clinical investigation, scientific discovery, public awareness, publication or research.
Application Deadline August 1, 2019

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Past Recipients

2018 Mitchell Scheiman, OD, PhD
2017 Neera Kapoor, OD
2016 William Padula, OD
2015 Leonard Press, OD
2014 Jason Mihalik, PhD, CAT(C), ATC
2013 Kenneth Ciuffreda, OD, PhD
2012 Sue Barry, PhD
2011 Hans-Otto Karnath, MD, PhD
2010 Betsy Quinlan, PhD
2009 Richard London, MA, OD
2008 Ray Gottlieb, OD and Larry Wallace, OD
2007 Clinician’s View-Gary J. Magrun and W. Michael Magrun, MS, OTR/L
2006 Robert Crago, PhD
2005 Mike Earley, OD, MS, PhD
2004 Selwyn Super, DOptom
2003 Diane Simmons-Grab (IARPS)
2002 Neil W. Margolis, OD
2001 Isabelle M. Bohman, MS, PT
2000 Wayne Engineering-Harry & Elaine Wayne
1999 Josephine "Jo" C. Moore, OTR/L, PhD
1998 Stephanie Argyris, MD
1997 Beaumont Eye Institute Low Vision Center
1996 John A. Thomas, MS, OD
1995 Steven J. Cool, PhD
1994 Christine A. Nelson, PhD, OTR/L