Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association

Enhancing Neurological Recovery Through Vision Rehabilitation

Gina Kim, MOT, OTR/L, CBIS

Advisory Board Member

Gina Kim, MOT, OTR/L, CBISGina Kim, MOT, OTR/L, CBIS is an Advisory Member to the Board of the Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association (NORA), an inter-disciplinary group of professionals dedicated to providing patients who have physical or cognitive disabilities as a result of an acquired brain injury with a complete ocular health evaluation and optimum visual rehabilitation education and services to improve their quality of life.

Gina is the Lead Therapist/Occupational therapist at the Centre for Neuro Skills, a post-acute brain injury clinic in Encino, CA.  Gina received her BS in Microbiology from San Diego State  University, and earned her Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center.  She is a Certified Brain Injury Specialist and a member of the American Occupational Therapy Association.