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How Concussions Work

Video courtesy of Concussion Legacy Foundation

What Happens in your brain after a concussion?

Imagine your brain as a network of all the airports, airplanes and their flight paths around the world. What happens when a “storm” (concussion) occurs?

Video courtesy of FXNL Media

How a concussion affects vision

Dr. Shirley Blanc, B.Sc., O.D.), talks with us about the relationship between concussion and visual dysfunction and how vision therapy can help.

Video courtesy of FXNL Media

When a Concussion Leads to Serious Vision Problems

The visual consequences of a mild concussion can become severe, but there is hope. In this short video budding tennis star, Thomas describes his journey beginning with his head injury resulting in his inability to even pick up a tennis racquet to an advanced model of vision rehabilitation.

Video courtesy of WOW Vision Therapy (Grand Rapids, MI)